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Chefs compete at 'Minced' event in Little Falls

Hundreds watched and cheered as three chefs battled it out to win praises from judges Tuesday, May 15, in a competition styled after the Food Network’s “Chopped” at Sprout in Little Falls. Sprout’s “Minced” pitted Fred Stumbo of Sage on Laurel in Brainerd, Paul Ruszat of St. Cloud Hospital and CentraCare Health and Scotty Stocco of Iron Range Eatery in Crosby against one another in three rounds of frenzied dish preparation. Testing the skills of the chefs further was the required inclusion of three mystery ingredients into the timed appetizer, entree and dessert rounds -- ingredients sourced from Mi Pueblito Market and Restaurant in Long Prairie as part of the event’s celebration of Latin cuisine. In the end, Stocco came out on top in the final dessert round with his winning combination of dragon fruit custard and purple hominy brittle topped with toasted coconut and pork crackling.