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Baxter Elementary First Day of School

Gray skies and rainy weather were no match for the smiling faces and excited chatter that filled the halls of Baxter Elementary School Tuesday, Sept. 4, for the first day of school. “We are very excited,” principal Tammy Stellmach said. “We’re super excited to have parents and kids back in the school again, and staff are eager and excited to be here.” Roughly 525 students at Baxter Elementary scattered throughout the building, meeting their new teachers and bidding farewell to parents, who felt a combination of nerves and excitement. “I’m sad that summer’s over, but I’m really excited to see how the year goes,” Joy Krueger said as she dropped off her daughters, Marian and Lauralyn, for their first day of kindergarten and second grade. “I’m a little nervous, but she’s doing awesome,” Heidi Martin said of her first-grader, Qwin. Teachers shared some of those same emotions. “I’m excited to be back. This is my second year, so the first year I felt a little bit more nervous than now,” first grade teacher Leah Bahr said, noting she’s most excited to meet all her students and get to know their unique personalities.